Omnisend marries human input and expertise with machine learning to automate the way you get the most value from your marketing activities to promote your eCommerce platform. This automation solution is a simple way to increase sales and average sale value, upsell and cross-sell existing customers and achieve customer retention by building workflows to automate this process in an effective and measurable way.

What Omnisend can offer you.

eCommerce marketing and automation.

Drive sales on autopilot by winning (back) more sales with pre-built automations for cart abandonment, welcome series, transactional emails and more.

Customer intelligence

Leverage your customer data by getting data-driven insights to understand your customers better. Build behavioural segments and improve your targeting, all without the heavy lifting.

Email and SMS marketing

Stay relevant and consistent by adding SMS and more channels right next to your emails using the same platform, allowing you to provide a consistent, omnichannel customer experience.
Get in touch with our team and find out how the Omnisend automation platform will revolutionise your online marketing and communication.
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